Vol 101, No 10 (2011)

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From the Editor

Addiction PDF HTML
J P van Niekerk 673

Editor's choice

Editor's Choice PDF HTML
J P van Niekerk 675


National Health Insurance - what the people want, need and deserve! PDF HTML
Shan Naidoo, Debashis Basu 678
Time to decriminalise drugs? PDF HTML
J du T Zaaijman 678
Antimicrobial resistance patterns in outpatient urinary tract infections - the constant need to revise prescribing habits PDF HTML
Subhash C Arya, Nirmala Agarwal 678-679
Questioning the UCT Lung Institute PDF HTML
Max Klein, replies by Chris Bateman and Professor S R Benatar 680,682
Origin of recurrent Plasmodium vivax malaria - a new theory PDF HTML
Miles B Markus 682,684
Infant mental health needs a model of service delivery PDF HTML
Astrid Berg 684
Non-emergency patient transport - an integral part of accessible comprehensive health care PDF HTML
A G Mac Mahon 684,686
HPCSA emergency care media release PDF HTML
A G Mac Mahon 686
Breast cancer in antiquity PDF HTML
David Dent 686


Vasbyt now, reap NHI dividends later – Green Paper. PDF HTML
‘Act now to create the kind of NHI you want!’ – SAMA PDF HTML
Denying reality no longer an option – stark HR report PDF HTML


Beyond the rhetoric: Towards a more effective and humane drug policy framework in South Africa PDF HTML
Charles Parry, Bronwyn Myers 704,706
HIV prevention and treatment for South African men who have sex with men PDF HTML
Kevin B Rebe, Helen Struthers, Glenn de Swardt, James A McIntyre 708,710
Blogs and Twitter in medical publications - too unreliable to quote, or a change waiting to happen? PDF HTML
Pranab Chatterjee, Tamoghna Biswas 712,714
A sensory garden PDF HTML
C Ellis 716


Johnny Marr PDF HTML
Ian Marr 718
Marthinus Christiaan Olivier (24/05/1936 - 08/06/2011) PDF HTML
E Swart 718

Book reviews

Defining Moments - An Autobiography PDF HTML
Peter Ian Folb 720
Handbook of Trauma. 2nd ed. PDF HTML
Steve Reid 720


Addressing problem gambling: South Africa’s National Responsible Gambling Programme PDF HTML
Peter Collins, Dan J Stein, Adele Pretorius, Heidi Sinclair, Don Ross, Graham Barr, Andre Hofmeyr, Carla Sharp, David Spurrett, Jacques Rousseau, George Ainslie, Andrew Dellis, Harold Kincaid, Nelleke Bak 722-723

Scientific letters

Childhood behavioural and developmental disorders - association with maternal alcohol consumption in Cape Town, South Africa PDF HTML
Elizabeth Katwan, Colleen Adnams, Leslie London 724,726-727
Treatment of paediatric burns with a nanocrystalline silver dressing compared with standard wound care in a burns unit: A cost analysis PDF HTML
S G Cox, L Cullingworth, H Rode 728,730-731
Clinically significant anaerobic bacteria isolated from patients in a South African academic hospital - antimicrobial susceptibility testing PDF HTML
S Naidoo, O Perovic, G A Richards, A G Duse 732,734
Meningococcal infections in hospitalised patients in Pretoria PDF HTML
T Moodley, M R Lekalakala, L de Gouveia, Y Dangor, A A Hoosen 736,738
Success rate of myringoplasty at Groote Schuur Hospital PDF HTML
Juanita Becker, Darlene Lubbe 740,742
Pregnancy and H1N1 influenza: lessons to learn PDF HTML
J Moodley, L Blumberg, B D Schoub 744

Original articles

Providing clinicians with information on laboratory test costs leads to reduction in hospital expenditure PDF HTML
S Ellemdin, P Rheeder, P Soma 746-748
Is the attendance of paediatricians at all elective caesarean sections an effective use of resources? PDF HTML
Lloyd J Tooke, Yaseen Joolay, Alan R Horn, Michael C Harrison 749-750
Mental health service delivery in South Africa from 2000 to 2010: One step forward, one step back PDF HTML
Inge Petersen, Crick Lund 751-757
Recovering of DNA evidence after rape PDF HTML
Ruxana Jina, Rachel Jewkes, Nicola Christofides, Joe H Smith 758-759
Acute hospitalisation needs of adults admitted to public facilities in the Cape Town Metro district PDF HTML
E de Vries, P Raubenheimer, B Kies, V C Burch 760-764
Family-witnessed resuscitation in emergency departments: Doctors' attitudes and practices PDF HTML
E D Gordon, E Kramer, Ian Couper, P Brysiewicz 765-767
A novel CYBB mutation with the first genetically confirmed case of chronic granulomatous disease in South Africa PDF HTML
R Naidoo, N Jordaan, K W Chan, D M Le Roux, S Pienaar, J Nuttall, Y L Lau, B S Eley 768-769


CPD Questionnaire PDF HTML