Vol 101, No 7 (2011)

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  421, 423

From the Editor

'No more whispers' - 30 years of HIV/AIDS and 10 years of HIV treatment in South Africa PDF HTML
Janet Seggie 425

Editor's choice

Editor's choice PDF
J P van Niekerk 427


Vaginal deliveries – is there a need for documented consent? PDF
Ames Dhai, Jillian Gardner, Yolande Guidozzi, Merryll Vorster, Graham Howarth 428
Decriminalisation of drugs PDF
Rodger Meyer 428


Richer punters win in SA’s cancer treatment lottery PDF
  430, 432
Cancer data collection: blunt instruments get some honing PDF
  434, 436
Pre-NHI clean-up: Motsoaledi enlists private sector PDF
  438, 440, 442


Improving operating theatre efficiency in South Africa PDF
A B van As, Z Brey, A Numanoglu 444, 446, 448
A benefaction and its benefits: The Oxford Nuffield Medical Fellowship and South Africa PDF
Colin Bundy 450-453
A case of blinding abdominal pain PDF
A K Mutyaba, E C Gardiner, S Murphy 454-455


Leslie E Whitfield PDF
Beverley Leonard 456


Scale optimisation is important in hospital initiatives in South Africa PDF
S Dorfman, J Gow, D Blauuw, M F Chersich 458-459

Scientific letters

Success of an integrated tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS project in 2009 in Uthukela District, KwaZulu-Natal PDF
S Mahomed, M Holst, M Uys, M van der Walt, S E Knight 460-461
High-altitude corneal oedema associated with acetazolamide PDF
P G Firth, C Gray, C A Novis 462

Original articles

HIV/AIDS affects blood and blood product use at Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town PDF
Ntobeko B A Ntusi, Mark W Sonderup 463-466
Pathogenic lower genital tract organisms in HIV-infected and uninfected women, and their association with postpartum infectious morbidity PDF
H M Sebitloane, J Moodley, T M Esterhuizen 466-469
The prevalence of hepatitis B infection in a rural South African HIV clinic PDF
Tom H Boyles, Karen Cohen 470-471
Associations between asthma and bronchial hyper-responsiveness with allergy and atopy phenotypes in urban black South African teenagers PDF
M E Levin, R Muloiwa, C Motala 472-476
APRI: A simple bedside marker for advanced fibrosis that can avoid liver biopsy in patients with NAFLD/NASH PDF
Frederik Cornelis Kruger, Caroline Rachel Daniels, Martin Kidd, Gillaum Swart, Karen Brundyn, Christo van Rensburg, Maritha Kotze 477-480
Genetic disorders in the Indian community of South Africa PDF
W S Winship, P Beighton 481-484


CPD Questionnaire PDF