Vol 101, No 4 (2011)

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From the Editor

Trust me, I’m a ‘doctor’: Of bogus doctors, medical impostors and medical fraudsters PDF
Janet Seggie 207

Editor's choice

Editor's choice PDF
JP van Niekerk 209


Ambulatory care of paediatric and adolescent diabetic patients in the Western Cape PDF
Ekkehard Zöllner, Steve Delport 210
Termination of pregnancy and children PDF
Stefanie Röhrs, reply by Professor D McQuoid-Mason 210,212
Feminisation of the medical profession PDF
Stephen A Craven 214
Active euthanasia - potential abuse in South Africa PDF
J V Larsen 214


Medical negligence pay-outs soar by 132% - subs follow. PDF
Doctors’ political powers unfairly diluted – new HPCSA President PDF
SA’s drink/drug abuse future could hang on a thread PDF
Hogan remedy for provincial health woes ‘ignored’ PDF


Routine cryptococcal antigen screening for HIV-infected patients with low CD4+ T-lymphocyte counts - time to implement in South Africa? PDF
Joseph N Jarvis, Thomas S Harrison, Nelesh Govender, Stephen D Lawn, Nicky Longley, Tihana Bicanic, Gary Maartens, Francois Venter, Linda-Gail Bekker, Robin Wood, Graeme Meintjes 232-234
The amended legislation on procedure-related deaths - an advance in patient care? PDF
T E Madiba, Poonitha Naidoo, S R Naidoo 234-236
The 2010 South African guidelines for the management of HIV and AIDS: A review PDF
Theresa Rossouw, Karin Richter, Des Martin, Theuns Avenant, David Spencer 237-240
Parenteral artesunate access programme aims at reducing malaria fatality rates in South Africa PDF
E Visser Kift, T Kredo, K Barnes 240-241
Severe bilateral vision loss due to a unilateral penetrating injury by sympathetic ophthalmitis PDF
L M van Zyl 242

Book reviews

Medical Ethics, Law and Human Rights. A South African Perspective PDF
Landon Myer 243


Cryptococcal meningitis - a neglected killer PDF
Joseph Jarvis, Graeme Meintjes 244-245

Scientific letters

Forced migration and health - diarrhoea among adult Zimbabwean immigrants in Limpopo PDF
Thando P Gwetu, Annette A M Gerritsen, Henry A Akinsola 246-247

Original articles

Deliberating about race as a variable in biomedical research PDF
Anton A van Niekerk 248-250
Poor long-term outcomes for cryptococcal meningitis in rural South Africa PDF
Richard J Lessells, Portia C Mutevedzi, Tom Heller, Marie-Louise Newell 251-252
Loss to follow-up in a community clinic in South Africa - roles of gender, pregnancy, and CD4 count PDF
Bingxia Wang, Elena Losina, Ruth Stark, Alison Munro, Rochelle P Walensky, Marisa Wilke, Des Martin, Zhigang Lu, Kenneth A Freedberg, Robin Wood 253-257
Provider-initiated HIV testing increases access of patients with HIV-associated tuberculosis to antiretroviral treatment PDF
Stephen D Lawn, Anna Fraenzel, Katharina Kranzer, Judy Caldwell, Linda-Gail Bekker, Robin Wood 258-262
Outbreak of Rift Valley fever affecting veterinarians and farmers in South Africa, 2008 PDF
Brett N Archer, Jacqueline Weyer, Janusz Paweska, Deliwe Nkosi, Patricia Leman, Khin San Tint, Lucille Blumberg 263-266
Prostate cancer among different racial groups in the Western Cape: Presenting features and management PDF
C F Heyns, M Fisher, Angus Lecuona, A van der Merwe 267-270


EHPBA/ASSA SAGES 2011, 12 - 16 April PDF


CPD Questionnaire PDF