Vol 97, No 10 (2007)

Table of Contents

From the Editor

'HIV / AIDS, TB and Nutrition' - ASSAF report PDF
Daniel J Ncayiyana 893

Editor's choice

Editors Choice PDF
Daniel J Ncayiyana 895


Poor people get cancer too PDF
Stephen A Craven 896
Simultaneous filarial infection of the pleura and breast PDF
N Sharma, M F Mahomed, A Bhatnagar, P Kumar, S K Mantoo 896
Should doctors charge doctors? PDF
J P Driver-Jowitt 898


Manto's ex deputy turns to tea, not whisky PDF
Low PMTCT coverage/lack of dual therapy 'disgraceful' PDF
Paying the price for AIDS denialism PDF


Setting district-based annual targets for HAART and PMTCT - a first step in planning effective intervention for the HIV / AIDS epidemic PDF
Pierre M Barker, Franscois Venter 916
Disclosing the legal status of deceased persons - ethical and legal implications PDF
David McQuoid-Mason 920
Fetal magnetic resonance imaging - the new horizon in fetal anomaly screening PDF
Mala Modi 924
Pentastomiasis (Armillifer armillatus infection) PDF
Vicci du Plessis, Anton J Birnie, Ivor Eloff, Helmuth Reuter, Savvas Andronikou 928


Bill Piller PDF
K P Marcus, Patrick Commerford, Bernard Gersh 932
Pauline de la Motte Hall PDF
Ralph Kirsch, John Terblanche, Stuart Saunders, David Dent, J P van Niekerk, Adrian Brown, Wendy Spearman, Henry Hairwadzi, Mark Sonderup 934
Sid Kiel - The South African who boycotted Hitler's Games PDF
Maurice Silbert 936


The cancer burden in Africa PDF
Daniel A Vorobiof, Raymond Abratt 937

Scientific letters

Retinopathy in diabetic patients evaluated at a primary care clinic in Cape Town PDF
Olivia Read, Colin Cook 941
Health and demographic survaillance sites contribute population-based data on maternal deaths in rural areas PDF
Renay Weiner, Stephen Tollman, Kathleen Kahn, Loveday Penn-Kekana 944
Can community volunteers work to trace patients defaulting from scheduled psychiatric clinic appointments? PDF
David A Richards, Timothy J Bradshaw, Hilary Mairs, Essie Ricks, Johanita Strumpher, Nolan Williams, Rachel Richardson 946
Dandy-Walker variant in an infantr prenatally exposed to antiretroviral medication PDF
M F Urban, M F Chersich 947
Neonatal outcomes after vaginal and caesarean breech delivery PDF
Louis-Jacques van Bogaert, Asha Misra 949

Original articles

The child rape epidemic Assessing the incidence at Red Cross Hospital, Cape Town, and establishing the need for a new national protocol PDF
S Cox, G Andrade, D Lungelow, W Schloetelburg, H Rode 950
Treating AIDS-associated cerebral toxoplasmosis - pyrimethamine plus sulfadiazine compared with co-trimoxazole, and outcome with adjunctive glucocorticoids PDF
James Arens, Karen Barnes, Nicola Crowley, Gary Maartens 956
Incidence of seropositive myasthenia gravis in Cape Town and South Africa PDF
K J Bateman, M Schinkel, F Little, L Liebenberg, A Vincent, J M Heckmann 959
Hyperglycaemic emergency admissions to a secondary-level hospital - an unnecessary financial burden PDF
D J Pepper, N S Levitt, S Cleary, V C Burch 963
An audit of 24-hour creatinine clearance measurements at Tygerberg Hospital and comparison with prediction equations PDF
Mia le Riche, Annalise E Zemlin, Rajiv T Erasmus, M Razeen Davids 968
Childhood tuberculosis in South Africa - what is the present status? PDF
Robert P Gie, Heather Zar, Prakash Jeena, Nulda Beyers 972
Immunological protection aginst tuberculosis PDF
Willem A Hanekom, Brian Abel, Thomas J Scriba 973
Childhood tuberculosis - risk assessment and diagnosis PDF
Ben J Marais 978
Diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in children - what's new? PDF
Heather J Zar 983
Airway involvement in pulmonary tuberculosis PDF
Pierre Goussard, Robert Gie 986
The interaction of HIV and tuberculosis in childhood PDF
P M Jeena 989
The treatment of tuberculosis in childhood PDF
Peter R Donald 992
Drug-resistant tuberculosis in children PDF
H Simon Schaaf 995
Tuberculosis contacts and prophylaxis PDF
Tony Hawkridge 998
Prospects for new tuberculosis vaccines PDF
Gregory Hussey 1001