Vol 100, No 4 (2010)

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From the Editor

Our journals in flux PDF
JP van Niekerk 189

Editor's choice

Editors choice PDF
JP van Niekerk 191


Vuvuzela sound measurements PDF
DeWet Swanepoel, James W Hall III, Dirk Koekemoer 192
Pandemic flu (H1N1) 2009 and pregnancy PDF
M I Andersson, G van Zyl, W Preiser, E Langenegger, G Theron 192-194
Medical electives in South Africa PDF
Timothy C Hardcastle 194
Childhood in-hospital mortality from acute gastro-enteritis in Cape Town PDF
A Westwood, J Claassen 196


Gauteng’s disaster management clinicians outline World Cup shortfalls PDF
Too long in the rain … rural doctors get some relief PDF
The protracted TB struggle - SA ups the intensity PDF


Christoffel Petrus (Staff) Pauw PDF
Jaco Denkema, Pieter Blignaut 218
Louis Frederik Coetzee PDF
Beorn Uys 218-219
Ralph Lawrence PDF
Leslie London 219


Expanding access to ART in South Africa: The role of nurse-initiated treatment PDF
Christopher J Colvin, Lara Fairall, Simon Lewin, Daniella Georgeu, Merrick Zwarenstein, Max O Bachmann, Kerry E Uebel, Eric D Bateman 210-212
Termination of pregnancy and children: Consent and confidentiality issues PDF
David McQuoid-Mason 213-214
The many symptoms of pachydermoperiostosis PDF
Bilal Abdool-Gafoor 215
Measles in antiquity and the Middle Ages PDF
François Retief, Louise Cilliers 216-217


Provider-initiated testing and counselling for HIV - from debate to implementation PDF
Natalie Helene Leon, Christopher J Colvin, Simon Lewin, Catherine Mathews, Karen Jennings 220-221
Serious soccer, sex (work) and HIV - will South Africa be too hot to handle during the 2010 World Cup? PDF
Marlise Richter, Dianne Massawe 222-223
Rugby and cervical spine injuries PDF
Robert Neil Dunn 223

Scientific letters

Community health care workers in South Africa are at increased risk for tuberculosis PDF
Katharina Kranzer, L-G Bekker, N van Schaik, L Thebus, M Dawson, J Caldwell, H Hausler, R Grant, R Wood 224-226
Career plans of final-year medical students in South Africa PDF
Elma de Vries, James Irlam, Ian Couper, Saul Kornik 227-228

Original articles

Spinal cord injuries in South African Rugby Union (1980 - 2007) PDF
Fiona J Hermanus, Catherine E Draper, Timothy D Noakes 230-234
Rugby and cervical spine injuries – has anything changed? A 5-year review in the Western Cape PDF
Robert Neil Dunn, Dirk van der Spuy 235-238
Football match spectator sound exposure and effect on hearing: A pretest-post-test study PDF
De Wet Swanepoel, James W Hall 239-242
Surgical practice in a maximum security prison - unique and perplexing problems PDF
Samuel J A Smit, F Kleinhans 243-246
Child consent in South African law: Implications for researchers, service providers and policy-makers PDF
Ann Strode, Catherine Slack, Zaynab Essack 247-249
Total perinatally related losses at Tygerberg Hospital – a comparison between 1986, 1993 and 2006 PDF
Quonita Talip, Gerhard Theron, Wilhelm Steyn, David Hall 250-253


Guidelines on the Management of Psoriasis in South Africa PDF
Noufal Raboobee, Jamila Aboobaker, Henry Francois Jordaan, Werner Sinclair, Jonathan Michael Smith, Gail Todd, Robert Martin Weiss, Dagmar Karin Whitaker 255-286


CPD questionnaire PDF