Management guidelines for common kidney disorders relevant to South Africa

To the Editor: World Kidney Day (WKD), an annual event, is celebrated on 8 March 2012. As a project for WKD, the National Kidney Foundation of South Africa (NKFSA) has arranged for a group of experienced senior nephrologists from around the country to contribute to a guideline booklet presenting the diagnosis and state-of-the-art management of renal disorders. Its main aim is to educate and update general practitioners, but it should also be useful for under- and postgraduate students, urologists and specialist physicians.

The guideline is being edited and will be sent to the South African Renal Society for their endorsement. We aim to publish the guideline as a supplement to the South African Medical Journal. We thank the contributors to and supporters of the project, and the National Lotteries Distribution Trust Fund for financial support towards the initial draft copy of the guideline.

A M Meyers

Chairman, National Kidney Foundation of South Africa

Fanie du Toit

Administrator, NKFSA

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