Vol 107, No 10 (2017)

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From the Editor

Reversing disease PDF
B Farham 807


An approach to anaemia diagnosis – concerns in primary care PDF
D O'Mahony, M Mntonintshi, A G Parrish 808-809


30 days in medicine PDF

Book reviews

Accident. By Dawn Garisch. Cape Town: Modjaji Books, 2017. ISBN: 978-1-928215-33-2  PDF
P Ashton 811

Continuing Medical Education

Introduction of the contraceptive implant in South Africa: Successes, challenges and the way forward PDF
S Mullick, M F Chersich, Y Pillay, H Rees 812-814
User perspectives on Implanon NXT in South Africa: A survey of 12 public-sector facilities PDF
D Pillay, M F Chersich, C Morroni, M Pleaner, O A Adeagbo, N Naidoo, S Mullick, H Rees 815-821
Uptake and early removals of Implanon NXT in South Africa: Perceptions and attitudes of healthcare workers PDF
O A Adeagbo, S Mullick, D Pillay, M F Chersich, C Morroni, N Naidoo, M Pleaner, H Rees 822-826
Gaps in monitoring systems for Implanon NXT services in South Africa: An assessment of 12 facilities in two districts PDF
D Pillay, C Morroni, M Pleaner, O A Adeagbo, M F Chersich, N Naidoo, S Mullick, H Rees 827-831

In Practice

'Best buys' for surgery in South Africa PDF
T Wilkinson, M Smith, A Kinghorn, K J Hofman 832-835
Exploring the barriers to implementing National Health Insurance in South Africa: The people's perspective PDF
R V Passchier 836-838
Evaluating 5 years’ NIMART mentoring in South Africa’s HIV treatment programme: Successes, challenges and future needs PDF
M Jones, D Cameron 839-842
Cytomegalovirus retinitis and HIV: Case reviews from KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa PDF
R Hassan-Moosa, T Chinappa, L Jeena, L Visser, K Naidoo 843-846


Protection of the human research participant: A structured review PDF
L Roets 847-853


Diagnostic accuracy of GeneXpert MTB/RIF in musculoskeletal tuberculosis: High sensitivity in tissue samples of HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected patients PDF
M Held, M Laubscher, L Workman, H J Zar, R Dunn 854-858
Deep-vein thrombosis in the era of high HIV and tuberculosis prevalence: A prospective review of its diagnosis and treatment in a quaternary centre PDF
K E Hodkinson, J N Mahlangu 859-863
Male involvement in prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in the context of partner testing in Goba town, Ethiopia: A facility-based cross-sectional study PDF
M T Alemayehu, J Haidar 864-870
Survival of patients with Kaposi’s sarcoma in the South African antiretroviral treatment era: A retrospective cohort study PDF
M M Sengayi, D Kielkowski, M Egger, L Dreosti, J Bohlius 871-876
HIV-positive patients in the intensive care unit: A retrospective audit PDF
P Mkoko, R I Raine 877-881
Distribution of hepatitis B virus infection in Namibia PDF
P Mhata, T W Rennie, L F Small, P M Nyarang'o, Z Chagla, C J Hunter 882-886
Therapeutic drug monitoring of amlodipine and the Z-FHL/HHL ratio: Adherence tools in patients referred for apparent treatment-resistant hypertension PDF
E S W Jones, M Lesosky, M Blockman, S Castel, E H Decloedt, S L U Schwager, E D Sturrock, L Wiesner, B L Rayner 887-891
Gender disparities in pulmonary hypertension at a tertiary centre in Cameroon PDF
L N Aminde, A Dzudie, A P Kengne, J Ndjebet, S Mapoh, X Kuelang, F Kamdem, B H Mbatchou Ngahane, M-S Doualla, K B Ngu, K Sliwa, F Thienemann 892-899
Short-term outcomes of inborn v. outborn very-low-birth-weight neonates (<1 500 g) in the neonatal nursery at Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa PDF
L Gibbs, L Tooke, M C Harrison 900-903
Respiratory comorbidity in South African children with atopic dermatitis PDF
C L Gray, M E Levin, G du Toit 904-909
Preoperative fasting times: Prescribed and actual fasting times at Universitas Hospital Annex, Bloemfontein, South Africa PDF
G Lamacraft, C Labuschagne, S Pretorius, M C Prinsloo, M D Smit, J-R Steyn 910-914
Bibliometric trends of South African environmental health articles between 1998 and 2015: Making local research visible and retrievable PDF
C Y Wright, F Dominick, Z Kunene, T Kapwata, R A Street 915-924


CPD questionnaire PDF