Vol 100, No 9 (2010)

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From the Editor

South Africa's first century PDF
Daniel J Ncayiyana 541

Editor's choice

Editor's Choice PDF HTML HTML ()
JP van Niekerk 543


Traditional circumcision - the unkindest cut of all PDF
John Lazarus 544
Clinical haematology training in South Africa PDF
M J Coetzee 544,546
Vuvuzelas: Ex Africa semper aliquid novis - again? Untitled () PDF
J du T Zaaijman 546
CRP and toxic granulation; reply by Dr Van de Vyver PDF
Viroj Wiwanitkit 546
The UCT Department of Medicine at 90 years: Continuity and Change PDF
Bongani M. Mayosi 548,550


Haiti tragedy shakes up SA’s emergency response planning PDF
Silver ‘porn bullet’ for information technology industry? PDF
Still a long wait for approved HIV-protective gel PDF
Bullish new medical measures to give more pilots wings PDF


Ferdie Stern PDF
Roy O Wise 576

Book reviews

Communicable Disease Epidemiology and Control: a Global Perspective, 3rd ed. PDF
Brett Nicholas Archer 576


Prolonged deferral of antiretroviral therapy in the SAPIT trial: Did we need a clinical trial to tell us that this would increase mortality? PDF
Andrew Boulle, Polly Clayden, Karen Cohen, Ted Cohen, Francesca Conradie, Christa Dong, Nathan Geffen, Ashraf Grimwood, Rocio Hurtado, Christopher Kenyon, Stephen Lawn, Gary Maartens, Graeme Meintjes, Marc Mendelson, Megan Murray, Molebogeng Rangaka, Ian Sanne, David Spencer, Jantjie Taljaard, Ebrahim Variava, W D Francois Venter, Douglas Wilson 566,568,570-571
Establishing liability for harm caused to patients in a resource-deficient environment PDF
David McQuoid-Mason 573-575


Intimate partner violence: Are we ready for action? PDF
Laurel Baldwin-Ragaven 577-578

Scientific letters

Is 'planning' missing from our family planning services? PDF
Sarah Crede, Jane Harries, Deborah Constant, Theresa Hatzell Hoke, Mackenzie Green, Jennifer Moodley 579-580
New fly species causing human myiasis indentified in Eastern Cape, South Africa PDF
S K Kuria, H J C Kingu, S D Vasaikar, J N Mkhize, J M Iisa, A Dhaffala 580-581

Original articles

Intimate partner piolence, health Behaviours, and chronic physical illness among South African women PDF
Jesse D Gass, Dan J Stein, David R Williams, Soraya Seedat 582-585
Guns and gender-based violence in South Africa PDF
Naeemah Abrahams, Rachel Jewkes, Shanaaz Mathews 586-588
Towards universal ARV access: Achievements and challenges in Free State Province, South Africa PDF
Kerry E Uebel, Venessa Timmerman, Suzanne M Ingle, Dingie H C J van Rensburg, Willie F Mollentze 589-593
Epidemiology of conventional cardiovascular risk factors among hypertensive subjects with normal and impaired fasting glucose PDF
A A Akintunde 594-597
Dual time-point FDG PET-CT for differentiating benign from malignant solitary pulmonary nodules in a TB endemic area PDF
Mike Machaba Sathekge, Alex Maes, Hans Pottel, Anton Stoltz, Christophe van de Wiele 598-601
Clinical predictors of low CD4 count among HIV infected pulmonary tuberculosis clients: A health facility-based survey PDF
Chidzewere Nzou, Rose A Kambarami, Francis E Onyango, Chiratidzo E Ndhlovu, Vasco Chikwasha 602-605


CPD Questionnaire XML PDF