: SAMJ goes live with Editorial Manager

The Health and Medical Publishing Group is pleased to announce that it will be moving to the Editorial Manager article submission and management system for the South African Medical Journal, with additional publications to follow in the coming months.


In light of the need for a more efficient, intuitive, customisable and stable platform for online manuscript processing, HMPG explored the range of options available and Editorial Manager, a product of Aries Systems Corporation, was selected as the platform of choice. Used by major publishers/journals such as The Lancet, Springer Nature, Wolters Kluwer and BMC, Editorial Manager describes itself as the industry leader for cloud-based manuscript submission and peer-review tracking for scholarly journals, reference works and other publications. It offers great flexibility and configurability, enabling us to design a workflow system that is automated, supportive and integrated.


The new submission and tracking system will launch on 1 September 2016; authors will be required to use Editorial Manager for all submissions of new manuscripts. New instructions for authors will be made available on the SAMJ website.


The SAMJ Editorial Manager system can be accessed at www.editorialmanager.com/samj. Alternatively, please visit the SAMJ website to access a link that will direct you to the Editorial Manager system. Authors will be required to register a profile on the Editorial Manager platform and upon successful registration will receive an e-mail with instructions to verify their registration. More information on the registration process can be found on the SAMJ Editorial Manager site.


All manuscripts submitted before September 2016 will continue to be reviewed and processed on the current SAMJ OJS platform.


The HMPG team will do our best to make the move as seamless as possible; any queries can be directed to the Managing Editor, Claudia Naidu:claudian@hmpg.co.za